Web Foot Dance (WFD) is a brand inspired by our 1970s era success and roots in disco music with the Abraxas Records release of Tommy Stewart highly acclaimed and successful underground album “Tommy Stewart,” plus our affiliation with the 70’s disco king, Salsoul Records, who distributed Dr. McNichols, “Free Spirt Records”. Angel Dove Global has entered into agreements with several leading European DJ’s to distribute their labels under the Web Foot Dance imprint.


WFD is back in the Dance Club, EDM, House, Classical House, and Soulful House music game in 2017 with several high-powered remixes featuring: England’s, DJ Judge Jules; Belgium’s, Alex Torn; United States’, People Mover; Belgium DJ Prince; Netherlands, Michael Bosh; and Dutch, DJ Paul MixTailes banging out remixes on the 14-song album set entitled, “I’m Scared Of Losing U” EDM DJ


Remixes 2016. The project is fronted by the lead vocals and R&B Hall of Fame recording artist and Motown’s the late great Edwin Starr and featuring various guest artist vocalist, such as Ortheia Barnes Kennerly, Patrick Alan, Ronnie Canada, and Dr. Joyce Dozier-McNichols.


Web Foot Dance is on fire with two smoking house releases set for 2018; one is a DJ Judge Jules track with vocals produced by Tony Homer and song written by Joyce Dozier McNichols and Tony Homer entitled, “…And Move,” featuring Girl Named Joe. Tony Homer and Joyce McNichols gave the track an in the pocket soulful house performance. Dutchman Paul MixTailes touched the track up with an in your face remix of his own giving the outing a progressive house electro remix. The other release, “I Don’t Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky,” is a soulful house cover of the smash hit by 70’s self-contain group, Ripple. Web Foot Dance will be releasing a 2018 version of Ripple that is sure to please the listening ears of the masses.



Featuring Various Artists


     Ronnie Canada                              Edwin Starr                          Francesca Romijn                          Patrick Alan              Joyce Dozier McNichols



Download $12.50



Edwin Starr, “The EDM House on FIRE, Remixes 2016 it’s hot, it's dance, it’s Soulful House, it’s Trance, plus R&B Hall Frame artist Edwin Starr fronting the vocals and bringing the hottest DJ's from across the globe such as England DJ Judge Jules, Dutchman Michael Bosch, Belgium Alex Torn, DJ Prince, Dutchman Paul Mix Tailes and Detroit’s famous son The People Mover and featuring special guest vocalist Joyce Dozier McNichols (…and Move), Patrick Alan (“War”), Ortheia Barns Kennerlly (“Brand New”), Francesca Romijn (“Stay”) all backgrounds (“I’m Scared Of Losing You”) Ronnie Canada.


Edwin Starr was born Charles Hatcher in Nashville, Tennessee in 1942. He and his cousin’s soul singers Roger and Willie Hatcher moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where they were raised. Edwin Starr was born Charles Hatcher in Nashville, Tennessee in 1942. He and his cousin’s soul singers Roger and Willie Hatcher moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where they were raised.


In 1950’s Starr formed a doo-wop group call the Future Tones, and began his singing career. Starr lived in Detroit, Michigan in the 60’s and recorded at first for the small record label Ric-Tic, and latter for Motown Records. The song which began his career Agent Double ‘O’ Soul (1965), a reference to the James Bond films popular at that time. Other early hits included “Head line news”, “Back Street”. A cover of the Miracles “Way over There”, and “S.O.S (Stop her On Sight)”. Edwin recorded more soul music for the next three years before having an international hit “25 Miles” (1968), which peaked at #6 in the United States the following year. This song was written two years before recorded on the Motown label due to the fact when first presented to A&R, the powers to be at the label did not believe the song was a hit. Edwin has been performing in clubs around the country and one night when Starr was performing the song at the Twenty Grand Lounge in Detroit and two people from Motown’s A&R department came in and seen the people were standing up in a uproar singing the lyrics to “Twenty Five Miles”, and after the show they came into the dressing room and asked Starr why he haven’t recorded the song and Starr told them he presented the song and the


A&R department passed on it. They asked us to come into the office on Monday to have a discussing about recording the song and we did and the rest was history. “Oh, before I forget we did give up fifty percent of the song”. “Lol The biggest hit of his career, which cemented Starr reputation, was the Vietnam War protest song “War” (1970) a Temptation album track into a number 1 chart success.


Special Guest Artists:

There was a very special anointed person and gifted artist Ortheia Barnes was the go to opening act for Edwin Starr early in his career. So, it was only fitting and my sincere honor to include my sister in Christ and one of Edwin Starr (Charles Hatcher) and Annette Hatcher dearest friend as a featured guest artist”. Ortheia is featured on the up-lifting Urban Inspirational song “Brand New” written and produced by the very talent writer and producer Joyce Dozier McNichol’s and track produced by Michael Mindingall and remixed by "People Mover" (Karl Fultz) brought a brand-new sound to an old relationship. Mrs. Kennerly said “In 1970, in the music business God created a three-strand chord that would not be easily broken. Singer Ortheia Barnes Kennerlly + R&B Hall of Fame Recording Artist Edwin Starr + Producer Marlin McNichols”, because of that spiritual work here we are in 2016 with the legacy of music living on with this DJ EDM Remix CD Compilation 2016.


Web Foot Dance


increased the label visibility in dance music genre with a joint venture label distribution deal with Dutch writer, producer, recording artist and DJ Paul Mixtailes and his INYFACE RECORDINGS label.  Paul was a feature DJ on the Web Foot Dance Edwin Starr “I’m Scared Of Losing U DJ Remix 2016. As part of WFD radio, dance club series the joint venture will be releasing a single STAY featuring Paul Mixtailes.  Also, a part of the distribution arrangement the Edwin Starr album was released digitally on the INYFACE Recordings for Europe

A Girl Name Joe


Music has no borders nor bridges and hits breaks down barriers and those common grounds united elite music track producers from Germany, a world class DJ from London England, hit producer from the USA, recording artist “A Girl Name JOE” and hit soulful house song … and MOVE. Judge Jules is a successful entertainment lawyer but is widely known for his DJ activities, recording music production, remixes and his popularity as the former number one DJ on England’s power house BB Radio station. DJ Judge Jules really made his case by bringing in his hit making creative team from Germany in producing the and cutting the original track in London England. Executive Producer Dr. Marlin McNichols wanted a radio remix version and US producer Tony Homer and writer Joyce Dozier McNichols went to work and artist did an outstanding vocal performance adding a touch of soulful house and giving the track A Girl Name Joe ownership. Moving on towards completing the remix’s, Paul Mixtailes adds a Progressive House remix and the party just got started!






Dwayne Dopsie And The Zydeco Hellraisers


2018 Grammy Nominated






QUOTE; (alexblex-Spain)” This is one of the most sought-after disco albums in the world, it’s a perfect album full of rare groove tracks, in this LP you can find all the reading keys which characterized the disco music. Tommy Stewart is a real cult producer, second only to Patrick Adams for the number of productions…very few!” In his partnership with Marlin McNichols and Bill Wright he arranged, co-produced almost all his music on Marlin McNichols Atlanta based Free Spirit label plus master purchase deals headed up by McNichols with major record labels. You can surely tell Marlin McNichols was a major part of the production because of his trademark percussion rhythmic overdubs. {alexblex} “I think that every track comments on itself, but a special annotation deserves “Fulton County Line”, “Riding High” and “Bump and Hustle Music” which in the last 30 years has been well received by music lovers who hates disco music. Strangely no single was extracted from the album.” Because of heavy request there will be a limited vinyl release of this album summer of 2018.







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