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host Richard Karr interview with Dr. Marlin McNichols entertainment executive, producer, record label owner, and entrepreneur, plus "I Married A Music Man" Show, creator, producer and director Dr. Joyce Dozier McNichols.  The interview was focus on the music entertainment experience of Dr. McNichols, the music business and the state of the industry is today.


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“I Married A Music Man”


Dr. Joyce Dozier-McNichols said, “As a recording artist, producer and writer, I had firsthand information on the inside of the workings of the real music industry with the privilege of listening, learning, and participating directly with Dr. Marlin McNichols and some of the industry gate keepers in the music entertainment business. Without that experience, I would never had the opportunity to gain insight and valuable information, where I found out the real work starts after we write the lyric, produce the track, record the song, and mix the record”.


“I Married A Music Man” is a show based on all the knowledge and success gained over the 50 years by Dr. Marlin McNichols either as an Record Label Executive, Independent Promotion Man, Consultant or CEO of his own independent company. Co-Producer and Director of the show, Dr. Joyce Dozier McNichols said, “On a daily basis, Doc receives phone

calls and emails from people around the globe requesting music entertainment industry related information and advice form recording artist, writers, producers, and CEO’s of independent labels. We’ve seen the need for an informative show to guide, advise, and help the independent music industry recording artist, producers, writers, publishers, and CEO’s navigate around this every day changing and difficult music entertainment business of today. I Married A Music Man Show will also give insight on the struggles they could face and the answers to solving problems from Dr. Marlin McNichols and our professional guests on the show, such as record labels executives, music entertainment attorneys, music film managers, successful publishers, hit record producers, social media and marketing strategist.”


Our goal is to provide basic insight on starting your music business industry journey with the right steps; to help professionals in building your brand for success in today’s music entertainment industry where retail physical sells are declining to almost non-existing, downloads are decreasing and whereby streaming, mobile and the music publishing business is flourishing. Dr. McNichols said, “Many want to be a part of the opportunity to build wealth in the music entertainment business, but dreams of being successful can become one’s biggest nightmare if your intellectual (IP’s) properties are not protected. We will guide you through this process with today’s top past and present music entertainment industry guests on the show. Over the years we have successfully built client’s brands and negotiated artist recording contracts, production deals, publishing deals, and record distribution deals worth well into millions of dollars.”


Not only does the show provide extraordinary music industry business information, the other key opportunity the show provides to the recording artist, record producer, publisher, writer, and record label owner is global exposure on their music to well over 800,000 listeners via our affiliates. Dr. Marlin McNichols exclaimed, “If the music is not Heard; It’s not going to be bought.”


“I Married A Music Man is the perfect place to promote or debut your music or video; or maybe you want to promote an EPK, short documentary, or a longer commercial. I Married A Music Man is the ultimate destination,” Dr. Joyce Dozier McNichols added.

Dr. Joyce Dozier-McNichols

said, “As a recording artist, producer and writer, I had firsthand






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