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The Company was created by CEO Dr. Marlin McNichols to engage in the business of music recording, music publishing, artist management, intellectual properties management, concert touring, merchandising, endorsements, event promotion, and digital properties delivered through the internet and satellites. In today’s competitive market, the Angel Dove Entertainment Music Group (ADEMG) model is to expand and diversify our revenue streams through joint ventures, business relationships, and by taking advantage and engaging in all existing new technologies



This means Angel Dove Entertainment Music Group is a creative driven Company headed up by artist-friendly executives, featuring a strong A&R department and driven by great writers, outstanding performing artists, national and international chart-topping artist and producers, making the label an on-time/in-time competitive force in the creative sphere.


ADEMG’s focus is to provide incentives to our team at the highest levels to make sure they are excited about coming to work and bringing new and fresh ideas. Our goal is to have great songs combined with outstanding music and great performing artists, not for just the moment or following trends, but artists that will be global trendsetters and legacy makers.





Angel Dove Music Entertainment Music Group’s record labels consists of: Angel Dove Praise, Web Foot Dance, and 4th Ward Records, plus distributed labels. The organization will use social networking sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Reverb Nation, etc. to engage fans deeper with our artists and expand their fan bases. Our newsletters help strengthen relationships with fans by providing the latest details and stories about our artists. They also serve as marketing lists. ADEMG uses listener polls on label and artist websites to generate artist data, which becomes news to report to other media in press releases. Our continued research will create a constant stream of fresh polls, such as ranking artists' most popular songs, comparing artists with other artists, and asking people to rate artists, their shows, albums, songs and videos. We are very aware of the importance of digital radio in our growth and the organization has established relationships with other networks and started the company's own Internet radio network, Web Foot Media Network.



TWO CORE BUSINESSES: Music Production / Music Publishing





One of our core businesses will be the Music Production / Label business. In this arena, compositions are identified and thereafter developed, arranged, produced, and recorded by those artists employed by us and our distribution label partners artist; thus, music sold throughout the world. Successful records oftentimes sell in the multi-millions, generating a profit that is difficult to reproduce though other means. Of course, because we are dealing in the sale of “art”, one cannot guarantee the success of any particular record. There is, however, a relatively well-dined process by which one can maximize the probability of success. Our organization has developed a specific game plan for the acquisition of independent producers’ masters and the exploitation of identified compositions and artist, following formulas that they have been a successful part of over 100 hundred thousand gold and platinum records to their credit producing sells in millions of dollars.





Heavenly Wisdom Music BMI


Song publishing is an extremely lucrative business. Our organization will generate millions of dollars per year and develop a catalogue with a value far in excess of its original purchase or acquisition price. This all can be accomplished within a relatively short period of time. It is anticipated that combined with the Record Production /Label profits and contracts, it is very feasible that the publishing income, estimated future income, and appraised value of the publishing catalogue somewhere between the third and fifth year will be sufficient enough so as to establish the company as a candidate for sale or IPO (Initial Public Offering).


In its simplest form, the music business primarily revolves around: 1) a song, and 2) the recording and sale of a recording embodying that song; Other activity is tangential (though essential) to these two fundamentals. As might not be discerned from the above, there is no recording unless there is a song and so, in its most basic sense, music publishing, i.e. the arena whereby songs are created and exploited, is the backbone of the international music business.


It is the intention of this organization to build a publishing entity of lucrative substance through the aggressive acquisition (purchase) of meticulously selected existing songs, and the retention of in-house songwriters for the creation of new songs.


As song’s copyright holder we own several important rights, including the right to copy the song, distribute copies of the song, prepare derivative works from the song, and perform the song publicly. A song generates revenue for its owner when the owner issues permits (or “licenses”) to allow others to use these rights, for a fee or royalty. A song earns money for its copyright holder from five main sources: mechanicals, public performances, synchronization, streaming and print.





ADEMG full service branding with our artist enables the organization to create several secondary income streams opportunities:


Merchandise (Bright Ideas)

Touring (On The Road Again)

Co-Music Publishing (Heavenly Wisdom Music)

Artist Management (New Wine Management)

Intellectual Properties Management (New Wine Management)

This division is designed to take advantage of all supplemental revenue streams derived directly from ADEMG record label.





In 2018 and beyond our organization will focus on twelve primary marketing and sales initiatives:


1. Selection of priority Artist (s) and Producer (s) for 2018 Releases. Some of these artists will be out the box first time releases and others will already have a market share. Our producers will come from a poll of successful national and international producers.


2. Increase Number of Product Releases. Organization will invest in enhancements to our website, brochure, social media, and other collateral material. We will begin to expand Company’s and artist’s


brand through collaborations with other media (movies, mobile entertainment, video games, appearance, and endorsements) and corporate cross-marketing opportunities.


3. Increased Sales. We will continue to sell our records, and use them to establish ADEMG as a viable independent label with increasing market share; Our target goal will be 15% increase per artist release.


4. Increased Secondary Revenue. Use tours and concerts and merchandise in addition to promotion to increase label and artist awareness and brand. We will assist in developing branding opportunities, such as clothing direct to consumers, internet sales (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats), messenger bags, etc. Additionally, site tour sales for items such as CD’s, poster and novelty sales, and offer a range of non-apparel items. As our artist’s fan base, web presence, and record sales grow our organization will add the sale of logo identity items to our revenue base.


5. Increased Retail Support Physical & Downloads. Major label distributor and retailers will sell increasing number of units from increasing pre-orders and support them with the new press kit, exciting websites, social media links, in-store displays (when accessible) , discounts, and mailing lists.


6. Consumer Loyalty. Company will Focus on grassroots marketing, promotion, and will be expanding core consumer base.


7. Industry Recognition. Projects will achieve and sustain a top twenty or better positions on industry charts.


8. Global Awareness. Angel Dove Global will increase our global independent promotion team and add new music licensed partners and sub-publishers.


9. Increased Publicity. Teams of publicists will coordinate print media advertising, Internet, TV, and Artist Interviews to increase consumer awareness.


10. New Artist. Our reputation as a pro artist label will draw some of the best and brightest artist from the global talent pool.


11. Community Involvement. ADEMG artists and employees will be highly sought after for participation in music industry education programs for community youth.


12. Increase our stake in the Zydeco and blues music genre







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